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Troop 616 (SHAC / NorthStar District) is comprised of approximately 50 boys (older than 11 years) and many well-trained, hard-working adult leaders. Our scoutmaster, Mr. Phil Sedita (sm@troop616.org), coordinates year-round meetings and campouts dedicated to teaching our Boy Scouts to live the Scout Oath, Law, and Motto. Activities include great campouts and hikes, attending merit badge fairs, going to summer camp, and much more.  Our High Adventure program allows older Scouts to experience new activities such as Canoeing, Tubing, Waterskiing, Boating, Hiking, Horseback riding, Rock climbing, and other Volunteer activities that teach them newer skills that will assist them on their road to Eagle Scout. To contact Troop616 to Inquire/Join, Please come over to New Territory Club on Tuesdays at 7 PM between September thru May of calendar school year or go to left menu and click Contact us and Email Troop (contact@troop616.org)! If your son is younger than 11 years, he can start initially as a cubscout by clicking cubscout link or contacting a pack from New Territory Magazine.

We are proud and grateful that the NTRCA (New Territory Residential Community Association) and The Club at New Territory allow us to meet at The Club facility.  We meet every Tuesday evening from 7:15 to 8:30 PM in the evening at The Club, located at corner of Homeward Way and New Territory Boulevard. Please feel free to come over and attend one of the meetings, if interested in joining Troop616 Boy Scouts!


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Please read brief new Scout Document to join Troop616 camping                          Scouting for food

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Eagle Scout Project Opportunity

Posted by leader on Nov 26 2014 - 6:19am

From Asha Vaidya (vaidyas@msn.com)

sent a message using the contact form at http://www.troop616.org/

Next few weeks OA elections

Posted by leader on Oct 14 2014 - 8:42pm
From Mr. Sedita
Hey troop,

~~~Canoe MB completion~~~

Posted by leader on Sep 9 2014 - 5:06pm

Scouts, who attended Canoe Campout over the past 2 years.
Complete below Canoe MB PDF with notes and own 7 hour Canoe experiences from Canoe campout 
Bring your notes to next troop meeting to review.
If i am not traveling for work, i plan to be at Troop meeting, we can review MB and complete MB blue card.

​Troop 616 - General Merit Badge Info

Posted by leader on Sep 9 2014 - 4:53pm
Posting a very informative article from Mr Aksel on MBs.
Attaching list of Troop616 MB counselors. Troop needs more Counselors for new season.
YIS, Aditya
From: aksel quintus-bosz <akselqbv@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, May 16, 2014 at 9:48 AM
I recently had a parent ask me about merit badges, so I prepared this short reply.  I hope it is helpful to all, but note there is much more material available elsewhere. 
First - Much information about the merit badges and how they work is in the scout handbook.  
Second - There is a very good online resource for merit badges, their requirements, and workbooks to help the scouts progress through them:
There are about 130 different merit badges, and 15 or so are required to gain the rank of Eagle.  The scouts are also required to earn other merit badges of their choosing, to advance in rank.
The first rank that requires merit badges for advancement is Star. (after Scout, Tenderfoot, First Class, and Second Class). However, the scouts are encouraged to earn merit badges as soon as they join the troop.  Somemerit badges have experience requirements, which means that really new scouts are not able to do them yet (like Camping).  However, most of them are available to all scouts.
There are many ways to earn merit badges.  You can sign up for Merit Badge events held around town, like at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, for example. Another way is to approach a merit badge counselor in the troop.  A counselor is a registered adult leader that has indicated he will be available to help teach and guide scouts in specific merit badges.
Once a scout decides to start, he first asks for a "Blue Card" from his scoutmaster, Mr. Sedita.  This is to let the scoutmaster know that he is going to start work on this badge, and that a counselor or class has been found for it.  Then the scout takes the class, or meets with the counselor to work through the requirements.  The latter is at the discretion of the counselor.  In Troop 616, we generally let the scouts be responsible for how fast they want to work through a merit badge.
Finally, as scoutmasters, we do our best to spend time with scouts mentoring and teaching them in the meetings, and especially in the camp outs.  A great way to advance through the basic scout requirements, and complete a number of merit badge requirements is for scouts to actively participate in the camp outs. For example, summer camp is one of the best merit-badge-earning opportunities - scouts can earn between 4 and 9 badges in one week.
As always, myself and other Assistant Scoutmasters, and of course Mr. Sedita, are always available for questions and guidance!
"Always be Prepared"

San Marcos camp out swim test Aug 31st, NT club pool, 2.30 PM to 3.30 PM

Posted by leader on Jul 30 2014 - 7:55am

Dear Scouts,

1. For San Marcos campout, for those attending campout , Scout or Adults,

And have NOT done swim test within 1 year (4 laps , last lap is back stroke and float for 1 minute)

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